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What Happens In Prayer/Worship?

750px-x-400px-Preaching-Article-Image-48.pngPrayer and worship remains one of the most powerful ways believers spend time in fellowship with God.Recently,I began to see both means as drinking water and feasting..I have realized by the help of God that you need there are times you feast and times you just drink….It is also important that you feast when  you should.Confusing ehh?Let me break this down.

When you look at attributes of water,you’ll see different things..But most importantly, water energizes, water revitalizes and water refreshes.That is just about exactly what happens in prayers.Many times,we often struggle to pray and even praying for 5 mins is like running a marathon.. Praying is not a physical exercise.It is highly spiritual therefore what makes prayers enjoyable is when it’s done in the spirit.Praying in the spirit has proved so effective in my spiritual life..Even Paul talked about it in Eph 6:18..When you pray in the spirit,not only do you get edified but strengthened,refreshed and revitalized..Don’t joke with this.Endevour to pray (in the spirit also.) Remember that the holy ghost maketh intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered.


Worship is also something that no believer should joke with..

There are two sides to worship,;feasting and warfare.

When we worship,sometimes we  feast and other times we fight.A feast is a time we celebrate,we honour someone/something in celebration of that individual.. Also when we feast,we commemorate..

Now, coming to worship,when we do it, what exactly are we doing?We come to his presence to celebrate him,to commemorate him to honour who he is..You know what makes worship distinct from any other feasting?It never gets old😊😊.In the system of the world, great men are celebrated every time..If I was celebrated today and someone rises above me,I will be forgotten and that person celebrated but as for Christ,the king of kings, our Jehovah,our lover 😍,our everything,we celebrate him everyday, every minute, second,hour,day,week, month,year and rest of our lives is hell bent on worshipping the king.Glorray🙌🙌..Most people confuse worship with happiness.Like Pst Joshua Selman said, the joy of the Lord is not happiness.Happiness is circumstancial.You can have joy with tears in your eyes.. Steffany gretzinger used to say true worship is when you can dance through it all, through your deepest, darkest days with a smile, celebrating the King, feasting at his feet, knowing that he has taken your sorrow away.Halleluyah👐👏.It took me ages to understand this truth by experience..

The last thing I’ll talk about is worship as a warfare.Many Christians see worship as mere praising God.. Whenever you think like that, don’t forget the wall of jerico and also Paul and Silas..A song writer says praise confuses the enemy.I believe you can not just be a prayer warrior but a worship warrior too.. Trust me it’s a warfare and demons tremble when we belt out raw worship at his face.. Steffany gretzinger (the lady in the picture above) sang out something inspired in her worship.

“We’re here to feast.Let the enemy watch us eat.Your banner over me is love.”Always remember that Satan lives in the atmosphere.When you worship,he is highly offended anddisturbed and has no option but to flee.There is power in praise,in worship..

I pray this blesses someone.I pray for you,that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened,Amen🙏

Love, Esther 💙


Its quite easy to think that we can handle everything about our lives on our own.

“Why trust a being we can’t see when we can pretty much do it on our own”, we often mutter to ourselves.

We all at some point in our lives want to do things on our own,probably to prove to others we are smart enough or to do something kickbutt that the world will appreciate and say ” Mhen,he/she is goood.”

I have been there too,struggling to be little MissPerfect,to get in everyone’s good books, to be applauded by everyone.

As I look back at those years of struggle, I cannot help but wonder how foolish I was.I had placed my worth in the hands of people. I let people define me and because of that, my energy shifted to wrong places.I must’ve thought myself a super brave girl huh😂😂😂?silly me!

Things turned around for me when I stepped out of the falsehood of the enemy of my soul and stepped into the reality of who I was in Christ; the one who gave himself for me.The deeper I sank into that reality, the clearer my vision became. I saw myself stepping into my real worth; who Christ saw me as and what he says I am.The more I saw my worth I saw in Christ, the confidence I had in myself began to break,my opinionated self slowly fading away.

When you seek validation from people, you will try all you can to satisfy everyone around you and you will go all out to do it on your own to prove your worth…The question is do we have any worth outside Christ??

When Christ becomes your priority, your focus, your reason,your because, you will see yourself literally walking in “His” confidence.

The secret is know who you are in Christ.Discover that your worth is in Christ and Christ alone.

John 15:5(KJV) states:

I am the vine,ye are the branches:He that abideth in me,and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:for without me ye can do nothing.

There’s an emphasis on “without me.”

Make Christ your motivation for living and you won’t have any reason to be self confident.

If Christ is enough is enough for you,you can’t help but stride along, with his confidence soaking your being.

Know Christ today and become a Christ confident believer.


You’re Not Alone.

When I was going through tough times in my life, I always taught that I was alone.That nobody could or will ever understanding my pain because nobody knows how I feel but I realized something new as I was growing older.Everybody has their own level of pain. It might not be same as yours but pain is pain..As you go through life’s journey, always remember one thing; you’re not alone…Someone out there is also going through pain and though the reason behind the pain might differ,the feeling of the pain is still same. Someone out there has it worse than you have.Most times,we’re broken, battered and damaged to an extent that there’s no hope for repair and at that point, you might think that “nobody knows what I’m going through” They don’t know how much I’ve suffered”.Wrong.Lies.Look at the picture here.If Nick without arms and legs can still live life to the fullest despite ridicule, insult and mockery,then ANYBODY can still live the life of a winner.

Just know one thing, no matter what you’re going through,no matter what society has done to damage you,YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

With Love,Esther❤

Appreciating our Beautiful Skins.


Hello beauty Queens/ kings! I  had  very strong urge to share this message with you and it centers on appreciating our beautiful skins as indicated in the topic.

First of all  I would say if you can’t  love yourself for who you are, how are you going to feel good enough to get what you want? The truth is that the only person that can decide if you are good enough, beautiful or worthy is you.Changing how we feel about ourselves can turn our lives around. People are not going to stop saying negative things about you but you can change the way you react to those negative, hurtful words.

One of the ways you can change your mindset from negative  to positive is SMILE! 

Smiling is a booster for happiness.Even when you don’t see the need to smile, force yourself for 30 seconds or a minute and your body will start releasit all those wonderful chemicals that makes you feel happy. Try it now and see the changes.

That where I end this message for now.I will write more next time.                         With So Much Love,                                        Esther C.Ogbaji.                                                        💜💜!